Monday, June 7, 2010

Orgasm: a fascinating mystery

Every time is always different and represents both the man and the woman, a culmination of love and intense experience. But cos' is exactly? What causes the cause? It occurs when what happens in our body?
This is a moment, a moment that may seem very short as long. Scholars say that is a 'very intense experience of the brain, well before the body. It 'hard to explain how that happens and so' is exactly. We can say that is a reflection. All reflexes are mysterious because we are not conscious impulses that cause them. It 'can not therefore produce the orgasm will.

Vaginal or clitoral? L 'orgasm is actually one and is manifested by a feeling of pleasure during simultaneous contraction and rhythm of many muscles attached to the genitals. Contractions are more violent orgasm is more intense. An 'other reason which negates the' existence of two orgasms is anatomical order: the distribution of nerves, namely the 'innervation of the female genital forms a continuous network extending from the clitoris inside the vagina until the' area rectal. As this network of nerves are all in communication and is activated simultaneously during orgasm, the source of pleasure should be widespread and not just focus on the clitoris or the vagina. But these are local phenomena. orgasm why it occurs, must take more something in the brain. Proof is that if inhibitions are strong woman does not reach the 'orgasm even if genital stimulation is perfect. While on the contrary, if the mental level, the excitement is intense, the 'can reach orgasm without physical stimulation.

When it occurs, significantly increases the breath, the heart beats faster, the body is shaken by tremors and rhythmic movements, such as pelvic contractions. Overall orgasm is shorter than the female, lasts no more than twenty or thirty seconds and can end with ejaculation, that is the spillage of the sperm.   Immediately after the ejaculation, erection begins to disappear and the feeling of pleasure breaks.

Even for a couple more skilled and savvy is a goal not always reached. The time to reach orgasm are different: in general it is faster, you're slower. 'S problem is surmountable if the man takes the difference and then stimulates the companion until it almost reach orgasm, and then indulge with this moment of fusion and deep intimacy. Although the 'simultaneous orgasm is a' fundamental experience in life as a couple, in fact conceals a defect: it can assist the partner to orgasm and orgasm live twice, his and hers, with all the feelings involved.

YOU CAN 'Replica
Many women can have multiple orgasms during the same sex, but also the myth of 'multiple orgasm should not obsess.   There is who after a satisfying orgasm “does not wish” to have of others. However the main obstacle to the attainment of the multiple orgasm, like of the orgasm in general terms, is the anxiety.

For him it is almost impossible to replicate. Also because after orgasm takes over the refractory period: the period in which the 'man even if stimulated not get a new reaction. Some young children can sometimes have two orgasms, but over the years, the refractory period lengthens. Can do so by contracting the pelvic muscles and blocking the 'ejaculation; thus remains unaffected pleasure man can have multiple orgasms during repeated the same ratio. The phenomenon is called retrograde ejaculation.
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