Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Twitter Can Help Your Business Today

With the advent of personal computers and increased access to the Internet, companies all of a sudden have a new way to reach out to customers. By creating a website, people in search of those particular goods or services could do a web search based on keywords and find what they were looking for. However, that was pretty much the extent of the relationship. Sure there are places on any given company website linked "contact us", but in using those, a customer often has to wait a minimum of 24 business hours before they even get a response from whomever is the dedicated customer service agent at the time.

Not to mention that response is all too often lacking, and very rarely actually addresses the issue at hand, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction by the customer and a company who will continue to run things however they feel like it -- especially if they are one of very few competitors in the market. Enter technology and the incredible advancements it brings with it. Such advancements include the creation of social, real time websites like Twitter.

Twitter is remarkable in and of itself not only because it is face paced in real time, but you can find just about anything you are looking for in no time at all and it is all in short, easily read bursts of information that is easily scanned for valuable content. Not only can you follow the happenings of your friends, favorite celebrities and find information about anything from product reviews to the best place to hang out with your friends and everything in between, but now you, as a consumer have the platform with which to speak directly to a representative from any given company in the country who subscribes to Twitter. Too, as Twitter gains in popularity, it becomes quite evident that if you are not using it, you will be left behind in the technology that is the digital age.

For companies, the benefits of using Twitter to reach consumers is enormous. Think about this: if a consumer is having a hard time getting through to a company spokesperson due to a problem or complaint with their products, they are going to tell their friends, they are likely going to tell their friends on Twitter and in an instant, thousands of people will know about the problem and will often abruptly cease interaction with that company as a result.

However, if the company has a Twitter account, they now have the ability to field questions and concerns in real time which gives the consumer confidence in their products and increase their value as it relates to customer service. Too, thousands of people will see the positive interaction and may even begin shopping at that company. By engaging the Twitter technology, companies are taking control of their own destiny by reaching out to their customers in unprecedented ways.

Additionally, Twitter also allows companies to promote sales and any updated information like status or policy changes. Thanks to the technology that brought us such great, instant websites like Twitter, consumers and companies now have a voice that someone listens to in real time.
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