Monday, August 2, 2010

Finding money in

Its so easy to earn, 1 point = $1.00, I received my first payout, instantly via PayPal in my second day.

  • Join and confirm
  • Complet the Daily Survey when available and earn 0.50 points.
  • Complet Daily Tasks, to earn more Points ($) or GC (game credit). Depends on what requirement you choose in the 3rd step.
  • Complet some Offer of your interest and keep earning daily (earn Bonus each 5 non Exclusive/PTC Offer completed in a day).
  • Submit the PLAds daily and earn about 0.03/day.

Tip: Click inside the Prize Live ad area, comment button should then show up. Submit your comment and Submit your AD.
  • Download Prize toolbar and collect random GG once every 24 hours.
  • Reffer new members and earn 10% of Points on first level and 10% of GC on 2nd level. Your earnings increases as many Refs you have, and you can earn Millestones!
  • Play games and win points!
  • Get started with some easy jackpot entries daily by receiving a lucky jackpot entry and by completing PLADS.
  • Post in Forum after read the rules. There is lots of Tutorials. No external links, its not allowed.
  • Buy an upgrade, its affordable and profitable, starting as $15 per 3 month, with 2x chance of ramdom referrals and 2% Offer Bonus.
 Join and enjoy! See my payment proof on Related Post bellow!
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