Friday, January 29, 2010

5 tips for success of your blog

Blogging activity is fun, but without having a basis and a strong will, would be in vain. Some of these tips may be used as a reference.

Find a purpose to your blog.

Here's a question that never seems trivial: what is a blog?-
  1. It 'a magazine on-line?
  2. It 'another way to connect with friends and family?
Whatever the topic, you must be clear about why you want to share experiences, passions, job etc.
No matter what your blog, you just know that it would be better ruthlessly eliminate everything seems to be a middle way, no meat or fish.

Remove distractions

If you want to open a blog, for example, you might get sidetracked by yet redesign, or test scores of recent plug-in for WordPress.
More likely, however, everything will be just a set of distractions for you and your readers.
Before you do anything online, ask yourself:

Is in line with the main purpose of what I'm trying to accomplish?

If not, forget it. Too many useless trinkets on your blog, do not increase your reputation.

Optimize Your Blog in social networking services

Try not to turn your relationship with the public profile of Facebook a 'unmanageable beast "rather than a fun place to connect with your fans.

I'm not saying fossilization exclusively in social media.
If you've tried it with a sincere attempt to learn the culture of a site interacting with it, and it is not is for you, then just try something different at this point.

Focus on your talents

You might love the podcasts, video blogging, or posting, whatever your preference, choose what you prefer, preferring what best suits to your natural abilities.

Obviously you have to try everything to see what you like to use.
The point is that you are not forced to use all means that the Web brings to you.
Try beginning with everything, and then continue with what works best for you.

Take advantage of the opportunities

The media can help others to talk about you, but first you have to do something that is worth talking.

It 'important to give high-quality content for free, trying to create a force greater connectivity with the public.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some tips on how to brush teeth for children.

How to put toothpaste? What kind of toothbrush you use? There are many questions that arise around the simple act of brushing your teeth. Some tips on how to achieve good oral hygiene from an early age.

To brush your teeth to their children can sometimes be almost impossible. But if we start from an early age to put them in front of what action will be taken to the rest of their lives, the acceptance comes much more natural and therefore the onset of habit. The right age, say experts, to begin to brush your teeth in children is about the year and a half old, the time when they are pressured to imitate what they are doing great. Accordingly, it is the parents themselves to set a good example and brush their teeth morning, after lunch and at bedtime. At this age, but children are not able to challenge the toothbrush and brush their teeth by themselves, must be accompanied in the movement right. True autonomy is reached at around 5-6 years of age, a period in which children are able to grasp the handle of the toothbrush with more security. I must also be controlled by parents in order to avoid washing too hasty and therefore essentially ineffective.

Children from an early age to be taught proper motion to execute to wash properly and effectively teeth. To prevent tooth decay, in fact, the maneuver to be done is to move the brush vertically, starting from the gums and going towards the tip of the tooth. Also be explained to the child that is not sufficient to perform this movement on the outside of the teeth but it must be repeated in the inner one.
Toothbrush in general should be small enough to reach all surfaces of the teeth. For children up to three years the head of the toothbrush should be small with rounded bristles. After this age toothbrushes should always have the small head but the neck is about 10 cm long, must have an ergonomic. From eight years old toothbrush is similar to that of adults. In any case, it is often the pediatric dentist to prescribe the specific type of brush to use in different ages. The brush must be kept clean and placed where it can dry quickly.
The right amount of toothpaste.

Up to two years of age can use the brush without the addition of toothpaste because the kids are still not able to control swallowing, and tend to swallow it. After two years you should choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride. That must not be more than 500 parts per million. A higher amount, might cause a fluorosis, a degeneration of the enamel due to an ipomineralizzazione. Past six to seven years may be used if the child likes it, the same toothpaste used by adults. Another important rule is to avoid those toothpaste full of preservatives, but choose those with no more than one preservative (such as sodium benzoate and sorbate, methylparaben, propylparaben). Naturally, the amount of toothpaste to use should never be exaggerated.
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