Tuesday, May 18, 2010

draftBlogger : Better Post Previews

 This morning, I found Blogger in Draft (May 16, 2010) published details of the enhancements to the post preview feature of our blogs which enables us to see how our posts will look to readers

As we know, when we preview a post we are writing for  Blogger , we have seen only a white background, format-less version of our musings, with none of the formatting and visual style which is added by our template and CSS.

With this new feature in place, we can see preview exactly what the post will look like when published, including any style attributes generated by our template code.

This enhancement works similarly to the preview system offered by the Edit HTML template editor; rather than have a pop-up display, the preview is generated in a new browser tab or page, depending on which browser you are using. Simply click the "Preview" button, which now appears beneath the post editing section to see this new feature in action.  The updated post preview feature is available to those using Blogger in Draft to publish their posts.

I find this particularly useful when deciding which size of images to use in my blog posts as I can see exactly how the post will be formatted when the style generated by my templates is applied. The only possible problem you may face when using this feature is if you customize the display of posts on the home page (for example, if you use conditional tags to add content/alter the layout of posts). You will see how your post would appear on the home page of your site, not on an individual item page. So if your template features customizations which affect the display of posts, you may not be able to see properly how your post will be formatted.

Please note that the preview page does not automatically update as the contents of the post changes. To make sure the post looks OK after you've done further editing, you can refresh the preview page manually, or click the Preview button again.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Time to renew leases

Today, I finally managed to contact the owner of Cyber Coral.com to extend the lease for the next year. Almost 41 days, I was in remote areas where internet connectivity is difficult to obtain. While it can be an online, but very hard to get into yahoo mail or yahoo messenger, let alone go to my blog. With a situation like this, of course I am very concerned with the validity period of the domain that I rent. To my knowledge, is the deadline date of May 19. This makes me worried, considering the blogs who take shelter in CO.CC was not valid. I am very disappointed, because the blog has a pagerank 2.

With the conclusion of this domain lease renewal, I hope, this blog more can I develop mainly to pour my ideas or other things that are positive. It is to be able to update the article, it is very difficult for me to feel. Given the very limited spare time, faced with an internet network haltingly. I hope .. and very much hope so, for always updating this posting on the blog so that will further enhance the visitor and the more easy for me to always share knowledge with the existing managers in the world of blogs.
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Monday, May 3, 2010


If you do sports, but always find an excuse for not doing so, the race walk is right for you. In fact you can run anywhere, anytime, at their own pace and at their own pace, alone or in company and with minimal equipment. And 'why running is so popular lately! Here are the basic rules.

The benefits of jogging

  • Improves physical condition. Jogging is the ultimate endurance sport. Continuously urging the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, oxygenates the body, improves blood circulation and increases the ability of the heart and lungs. In the long run, delaying the aging process of muscles, increases bone density, stimulates the immune system and prevents arterial disease.
  • Promotes weight loss. Running burns more calories than any other sport: about 500 kcal / ha with an average speed of 10 km / h. In addition, running at 10 mph, breathing with relative ease, it consumes about 30% fat in 30 minutes.
  • Redraw the silhouette. Jogging, along with the swimming, the most comprehensive sports. All muscles are stressed: neck, back, arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves ... Keep your back straight when the basin fluctuates each stride is also good training for postural coordination.
  • Make merry. Considerable physical effort, jogging relaxes, reduces stress and relieves anxiety and concern. Among other things, causes the secretion of adrenaline by the body and endorphins that support dynamic, pleasure and well-being, even euphoria.

The drawbacks

  • The beginnings are difficult. When it begins, it is not easy to find the right rhythm. It's hard and is now out of breath. Consequently, the first races often result from such aches can no longer climb the stairs ...
  • Rough with the joints. Each stride multiplies the impact with the ground. This affects tendons, muscles, joints and back. Beware of microtrauma, especially if you suffer from overweight.
  • It can be addictive. When you run a certain level and with some frequency, you get used to the weight loss and beneficial hormonal secretions. May well give rise to a 'insidious addiction.

The rules for good practice it

  • Invest, and buy good shoes! It is the most important thing to run! You should choose according to four main criteria: the shape of the foot (normal, flat or curved), amortization (front or back), safety (non-slip sole, strong materials) and comfort. Seek advice from a professional and try several pairs before choosing.
  • Go to degrees. At first, better to go slow, do not step along the leg. You can start walking quickly, for example, or running for no more than 15 minutes. Need to increase the duration and intensity of racing as.
  • Heated. The hard, cold muscles are more prone to trauma and injury. Before you start to run, walk fast for a few minutes while you're doing some exercise (heel / buttocks, knees leaps, lunges, rotations of the arms ...).
  • Do not neglect recovery. This step avoids the famous soreness. The program: a progressive return to peace (few minutes walk), stretching targeted gentle and progressive and plenty of water.
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